Azist School

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Course 1

The power behind "storytelling": creating your "storyboard"


Today when somebody starts building a presentation, the first thing they do is: turn on their PC, open Powerpoint y start doing copy-paste of text and graphics without asking themselves beforehand: Is my audience going to be interested in this? Do I know who they are? Do I have enough recources to connect emotionally? Do I have the power to convince people?. Without a bond, a point persuasion, today your presentation is one in a million boring presentations, this is why before open Powerpoint we propose to step back and learn the tools most trained presenters use to persuade and engage their audiences.


Through “script-writing” and “content-design” technics, plus, a bunch of years analizing presentations, we want to share the key knowledge to a succesful presentation. Focus is on the “storytelling” methodology very much used in hollywood movies today, but focused around businnes stories. This will help anybody persuade, comunicate and connect with any audience. We want to guaranty success to whomever is willing to transform their next presentation.

Course 2

"Toolkit" to transform presentations:
Creating visual resources to persuade your audience.


Once the “storyboard” is in place and the business story starts coming to life, we need to face the most challenging but also fun stage of creating a presentation, start designing. Designing ideas, diagrams, layouts, colors, contrast, analogies and more. How to create, order, curate and compose visual resources that will help us communicate in a clear, synthetic and emotional manner, in order to tighten the bond with our audience and avoid having them loose interest.


When we think about designing we think about a professional designer. Since kids, we have this innate hability to be creative and design creatively. Maybe along the way somebody said that we weren’t “good enough” and that idea got wrongfully stuck through time! The idea with this course is to share the tools for people to reconnect with that inner creative beeing, to start redesigning creatively, in order to impress and transform audiences.

Course 3

WORKSHOP on creating your next presentation LIVE:
Applying "storytelling" to develop your "storyboard" and creating the visual resources for your presentation.


Most of the times we have the tools to create an awesome presentation, what lack of time to actually do it. Maybe we don’t fell confident enough to do it alone or it may be taking to long for us to kick of. The idea with this workshop is for participants to create their presentation LIVE with the support of a mentor PLUS participant feedback, which will empower creativity and help you give life to your next presentation.


The idea here is to work on courses 1 and 2 (“storytelling” plus “toolkit”) while building each participants presentation in LIVE mode. One or two cases are taken in front of the class to be created collaboratelly. The cases are discussed, corrected and nurtured until a final presentation.