An image is worth a thousand
words. Ok, but what about video?

All our videos offer

  • Script and technical script
  • Art
  • Animations
  • Voice Over
  • Sound and Music
  • Final File

How do we do it?


We do a debrief (questionnaire and 30 minute call) with the client to produce the right script with a compelling story.


We create a frame by frame storyboard composed of draft drawings for you to visualize the overall story.


We pick and design 3 frames of the storyboard for you to see the look&feel and aesthetics that the video will have.

Voice Over

We send two voice over options for the client to choose the right tone.


We create a 10 second animation for you to approve transitions and movement.

Sound / Music

Custom sound effects and music will be created for the video to finally come to life.


We will deliver an awesome final product in HD quality to upload in your web and social media.


going static! In 2020, around 70% of online content will be video


falling into the typical animated ppt. Sorry but there is nothing animated behind an animated ppt


communicating like a PRO with a cool animated motion VIDEO