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Founded by former McKinsey consultants, the Slide Center
helps clients around the world on their daily PowerPoint needs


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Creating new slides, updating data, transferring slides from one template to another or even merging slides from different areas into one deck.

Those are just a few of the demands teams face whenever working on deliverables, and while doing this, presentations can get messy.

Working on presentations take a lot of precious time, so what to do? just outsource your work to Azist. We’ll make sure your deck is always consistent, polished and formatted into a high quality document.

We invest in understanding our clients visual identity and templates, so we can produce faster and better. Whether it’s one slide or one hundred, having presentations formatted is key to delivering top client proposals.

Apart from branding decks, Azist can be a part of your slide creation process.

Sketching your ideas in a piece of paper, doodles on a whiteboard during a brainstorm meeting, doing screen shots of interesting images you found on the internet or maybe taking snapshots of nice charts you saw on a colleagues presentation. All of this can easily be turned into new editable slides.

Recreating new slides has never been easier, just send us any input file, in a matter of minutes we’ll have a fresh new slide in your company template for you to add to your ongoing deck.

Just share your inputs in wichever form you feel easier

  • PDF
  • Text File
  • Sketches
  • Whiteboards
  • Mobile Photos
  • Scans
Do you feel that maybe a few slides from your current deck need special treatment?

Do you need us to focus on the slides that really matter to your client, but running out of time or ideas? Well just point the slides that need more design work and we’ll make sure we present a few interesting alternatives.

Maybe you need a new layout to showcase your content, even images to give more life to your message, or how about a new chart or an icon. Give us an idea of what you’re looking for and our team will get you spinning on creativity while still brand complying.

We can design your slides with a variety of resources, finding the concepts that will make it happen visually.

  • Charts
  • Icons
  • Maps
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Links


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